What *IS* that sound?!

So on a groggy-eyed Saturday morning I keep hearing this jackhammer sound around the house. It’s driving me batty — I’m going from room to room trying to find out what the heck it is.

So I go to my office and restart my computer, and notice the sound is louder — Oh great. So I open the window and what do I find — A Woodpecker has taken up residence on my neighbor’s chimney! Whats hysterical is that it’s an aluminum chimney — so the bird just ain’t gonna see any productive work. Or perhaps he’s hot-to-trot for a lady woodpecker and showing off his manlyness…

Anyway, I got it on my camera. I had to laugh, not because it’s a woodpecker (although funny enough) but that I was searching for this noise for about 20 minutes!

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