Summer never ends!

This year Summer never ends — uuuuugh!

It was 80 degrees at midnight last night!

Most people who view this will just not understand — what’s not to love about this weather forecast, especially for Labor Day weekend.

Well, this naitive for one is calling for a change. Momma Nature — I protest your desire to turn Seattle into Phoenix this summer. We’ve had way too many of these forecasts. If I wanted this I would’ve stayed in California. Yes, it is that time of the year, but now it’s Labor Day. Do your job and make us proud!

Just when is a hermit supposed to sip his hot cocoa, read books and eat Doritos whilst in his comfy new La-z-boy?

[edit: in the time I took to write this short rant, the tempurature went up by 3 degrees….sigh]

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