On my way home — early!

OK, this stinks. So Toronto was *great* — more on it later. I am now coming home early. Air Canada was late out of Toronto because, of all things, a panel in the loo would not latch. Took them an hour to “tape it up”! So that left me precious little time in Boston to connect to my Cape Air flight to Provincetown.

So it was a race…and I lost. It seems Air Canada changed places for it’s arrivals in Boston and is now on the other side of the airport from Cape Air (because, of cousre, I researched this with zeal while planning this adventure and found both airlines used to be in the same terminal — they changed just this month!!).

So I wheeze my way up to the Cape Air ticket counter — and find out the next they could get me out was tomorrow. Guess they are unusually heavily booked. The offered to pay may way via bus (which is more than I expected, but no thanks) and seemed nice, but no-go until tomorrow. So with my time in Provincetown only 2 days anyways– what’s the point? I called American, got a seat on the next flight, so now I’m a a big, hot mess from marching all over the place, at a bar in BOS writing to the 2-3 visitors I get every day (Hi Mom, Hi Dad! 🙂

Sigh. I was really looking forward to Ptown — it seemed really cool and relaxing. I guess it’s all good — I get a couple days at home to chill out with the boys — I’m sure they’ll love that!

Anyways, more about Toronto soon — perhaps in the next few hours as I wait for my new flights. Toronto — wow — it’s one of those cities I must go back to.

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