Welcome to Boston, care for some crack?

Greetings fellow life travellers — I have arrived in Boston. Flights were pretty good — Chicago to Boston was delayed, so I got in late. So I will hit the streets running tomorrow.

Obviously I had to venture out to get dinner once I checked in. I just settled on the local Rock Bottom. I know — unimaginative — but close to my hotel. My hotel is in the Theatre district of Boston — Anyways so I’m walking back from dinner (only about 3 blocks) and get asked for money. OK big deal. But this guy decides to tag along for the walk. He keeps yammering on and on. This guy was just wacked out — you know the ones — how you know they’re probably harmless and just on something… So I found this rather amusing. There were lots of other people around, 2 more blocks to the hotel — big deal. However, then he asks “So are you gay or straight?” I say “Sorry, not looking” — then he’s like “not that I care. I go both ways. Mr Big takes it up the @$$ and Mr Tiny loves the ladies” “Oh” I said, “OK, thanks!” Then he asks “So, you want an airplane ticket to the moon?!” I Asked “What airline?” He said “Crack pot airlines” and then laughed so hard I thought he was gonna just die right on the street there. I said “Nope, sorry” and he was actually surprisingly cordial and said “no problem” and by that time I was at my hotel.

So if you are looking for a crack-smoking bi-curious homeless Bostontonian I may have your man…

You just can’t make this shit up sometimes… 🙂

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