KOMO: 747? 787? They’re the same, right?

This just cries out to be ridiculed and made fun of as wide as possible.  Seriously, this is a professional news organization in an area where aerospace is one of the top 2 industries.

Seriously, KOMO, you deserve all the raspberry you can get for this.  It’s just sloppy and lazy.  No excuses — you are NOT the average person who may not see the difference — you are in the business of ACCURACY and by god in the Seattle area you need to know your airplanes. Would a TV station in Detroit make a story with a caption about a Mustang yet have the picture be a F150 truck?  Must I even explain this to you?!

Next you’ll show a screen shot of Apple Macintosh OS X in relation to a Microsoft Windows 7 story.  Seriously, guys, this is that bad…and if you can’t see that — wow, I’m astonished and kind of embarrassed you are in my town.  You guys are being THAT stupid.  And you haven’t even corrected it after hours of people leaving comments on your own website!

Shame on you.

Here’s the link to the story, which hopefully they will correct.  But I took a screen shot to proove KOMO’s stupidity:

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