Torino, pumpin’ out the 80’s cool cats!

I just have to say, the Olympics opening ceremonies was hysterical to me. It was nice and spectacular, yadda yadda….but that music — I was dancing in my living room, memories of High School running in my head. How funny is that. What 30’s something musical director did they have?? NOT complaining, I just thought it was funny, and perhaps a little, well, unexpected. It fit the mood perfectly, but you just don’t expect mostly American 80’s tunes pumping out the loudspeakers at an International event. Am I getting so old that the people in-charge of stuff like this are my age??! Ohyyy!

And that NBC guy at the studio — how out of touch was that!? That pinstripe suit, although I’m sure expensive, just seemed so wooden and old. He was wooden. And that interviewer talking about Bode Miller as a “Different kind of CAT…” What the hell is that?! 80’s tunes and an old guy cool CAT.


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