My cats are unimpressed

I, however, was highly amused.

Time for cat baths! The boys keep themselves pretty clean, but a few times a year they need some extra help. It also serves as their flea dip and in Wintertime I do notice they get dandruff — so of all things I crack an egg over them and smear it around after the shampoo and rinse real good — I swear by it. Super soft and cuddly they are now!

Usually they are pretty well behaved, but this time Sam threw a fit — he was just not in the mood and wasn’t having it if he had anything to do with it. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t, and in the tub he went…

Fred, on the other hand, was a champ this time — it took me perhaps 5 minutes and I was done. I turned to get the towel–quickly–and there he was just standing there, in the water.

So I expect them to give me attitude all night, and then back to normal in the morning — when the food dish is empty! 🙂

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