Cool things in old books

Cool things in old books

Recently I’ve been on a mission to find old books I remember reading
as a kid. I found this one "New York to Rome: Jet Flight 808" with an merchant in used condition (of course since it was
published in the 60’s!) for 4-5 bucks. Winner! So I grabbed it. I
must have checked-out this book in middle school at least a hundred
times. It’s a very glamorous, technical look at a TWA 707 flying
across the Atlantic. It was old even when I was in school…but the
dreamer in me didn’t care.

Anyways I finally got the thing in the mail. I opened it up and was
thrilled to find a signed little card typed-up from TWA public
relations wishing someone happy holidays. This book was originally a
gift (from the card it indicates an advance copy to boot!) from the
now long gone Trans World Airlines.

What a cool little find!

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