My pathetic gallbladder, RIP

My pathetic gallbladder, RIP

So as you can see in the photo my gallbladder was rather unimpressive. Huh
— one thing small about me… Surgeon said it looked to be entirely
non-functional and had lots of stones (Which I knew about previously). So
it was good to get out as it would have definitely had much bigger problems
down the road. Not sure if this will entirely solve some of the issues
I’ve been having. But even if it doesn’t solve them it sounds like this
was needed anyway.

Doing quite well after getting this little f—er out a few days ago. Not
much pain at all to be honest.

Was quite a ride at the hospital – had to report last Friday at 6 AM! But
that was good as I was first, so waiting was minimal (which is always the
killer). Unlike other procedures I’ve done this was my first experience
with "real" anesthesia – not just sedation. This was my first "real"
surgery. They gave me a squirt of Versed before wheeling me into the
operating room and I must say that was niiiiiice. Didn’t make me groggy or
goofy, but it took that hard edge off – just nice and relaxed. Calm. Why
they don’t do this even with the "procedures" that require sedation is
beyond me as they all happen in the scary operating room and my blood
pressure skyrockets when I enter the OR every time. I think I’ll mention
that if I’m ever in these situations again.

But once the Versed was in they whisked me away and it was like zoom, boom,
Oh, I notice the ceiling light has 5 little…, Garrett, GARRETT,
YOU’RE,DONE, groggy, someone punched me in gut uhhh, gross gassy smell in
nose, crackers, apple juice, lounge chair, wheelchair, home. And that was

Done with the painkillers after day 1 and with a few ibuprofen I am up and
about around the house no problems so far. Took shower this morning and
that was heaven! I was able to take off outer bandages and see I have tiny
little incisions – not even 2 inches I’d say. An inch, maybe.

I’m eating well with no nausea. Keeping to easy foods with low fat. First
day Jello and crackers. I’ve worked turkey and chicken back in no
problems. I’ve added some dairy back in via nonfat milk mixed into oatmeal
and Cream of Rice (I had long forgot about this childhood favorite of mine
— YUM!!). Cream of Wheat, on the other hand, is disgusting. Going to get
a little more adventurous today and add some fiber and veggies back in to
see what happens. No need for the Ducolax after stopping the opiods, which
is a very good thing – I don’t have much trouble getting up and moving
around. But using "those" muscles when on the throne – well, thank
goodness I’m not constipated that’s for sure.

One thing that was surprising is that I have a bit of a cough and phlegm.
Gross, but true. Must be from the gas, but it’s not a huge deal and seems
to be clearing up.

So now it’s rest, and relax for a week and see how I feel!

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