A decade of blogging

I’ve been blogging for a decade. 10 years already… huh!

While this is certainly an interesting point in a time line, it’s really only an electronic analogue to a diary. I’m sure many people have been keeping diaries for longer. Nonetheless I’m kinda tickled to meet this milestone. I started “blogging” before “blog” was even a noun or a verb; indeed before it was even a popular catchphrase. Indeed I had my first web page back in 1995 (See my “Deep Archive” link above)

That’s a lot of time and bandwidth (timewidth?) dedicated to my own banter. What have I accomplished in that time?

As it turns out quite a bit. I became a true adult (still out for some debate). I had a successful consulting company (official corporation even!) and then transferred clients/closed it after my clients became successful and got gobbled-up by other, bigger corps in what became the dot com bomb. I moved to California and back. I bought a house. Got cats. Sold a house. Bought a condo. Used five different types of blogging software. Stumbled into a great relationship. And generally observed what made me laugh and ranted upon the stuff that irritated.

As I look back at some of my entries it makes me smile and laugh a lot. Also I cringe a lot…was I THAT shrill, really? Or was I THAT stupid, really? But that’s the deliciousness of time and becoming older — the cumulative benefit of your experiences always makes you wiser and wiser.

So what will the next decade have in store? Who knows….That is what is fun, and worth living!











P.S.: I’m going to attempt to add these old entries to my database. So if you subscribe to the RSS feed you may see a slew of new entries. I’ll be careful to set the date in the posts properly, but I’m unsure if they will appear in the RSS feed because they are “new” entries as far as the database is concerned…

A New Vision for ColdFusion

ColdFusion master Hal Helms wrote an excellent article on the future directions of ColdFusion:

A New Vision for ColdFusion

I could not agree with him more. Very rich article full of thought. I usually disagree with Hal as he’s usually so deeply technical it’s almost obscene. Not in this. Spot on, Hal!

ColdFusion programmers: read it now.

Adobe: Do it now!

And for you non-technically-aspirated the article offers some general marketing gems as well — still might be interesting.

Forta is Coming!

Ben Forta, well known ColdFusion Guru, is coming to MY user group in February!

“So, big deal?” yu may ask. Ohh, but it is! Ben is about the best you can get for your user group, and always puts on a good show.

All the details are on our website: seattlecfug.com. Come one, come all!