House sale: Complete; Move: Complete; Grass: really stinky

Well, it’s done. I have officially cleared the house and am in my new digs in Downtown Seattle. If any of you see me, promise to make me never, ever, ever purchase a residence with more than 1000 Sq FT. Even with a completely agressive “downsizing” of all my worldly possesions, damn I got a lot of shit! And that house was a lot of house to clear-and-clean. And during the last run to the dump, with ever thanks to my parents for the help, I acidentally spilled a garbage can full of decomposed grass clippings that has been sitting outside my house for a year. So decomposed it was liquid. I have yet to smell a more foul odor in my life, and it was all over me. Ahhhhh, though, it’s done — still have to unpack some stuff, but that can come at my own pace without any particular deadline. There is something to be said for a small apartment where it takes you 15 minutes to pick-up stuff and the convienience store is 3 minutes away — on foot! 🙂