I was cold for once!

So I’m working from home today and I’m *freezing* cold – which is so exceptionally RARE for me. Couldn’t understand it. Had more coffee, more tea. Extra sweater. SO weird!! I feel fine – I can’t be sick. Took my temperature – 98.6 on the money. Till I then realized our thermostat timer turned things down to 55 at 8 am on a weekday as it dutifully should, and it was 59 degrees in the house. Hahahahaha on me… sigh…stupid Garrett.

Well, THAT happened…

So I applied a security update to the gmwnet server as is generally recommended and it went bad…sigh.

I had to re-build the server from scratch.  So much for Linux being so much better than Windows – HA!  They are both the same animal, different colors.

Hope to have the image galleries back soon.