Iceland Day 7: Blue Lagoon, flight home, AWESOME takeoff

Here’s some misc pics from our last day in Iceland – Blue Lagoon and our flight back home.

Keflavik airport was it’s usual windy self, plus hail, snow and ice – at times it was quite a blizzard. We were late by 15-20 minutes as we waited for the London flight to arrive, which had about 10 connecting passengers. Once they were on-board we deiced one last time and were good to go. Luckily the skies cleared and at takeoff it was really nice.

Now, takeoffs on a 757 are always fairly powerful and sometimes a treat, even at max load as I imagine this KEF-SEA flight to be at usually. This one in particular was perhaps the coolest and most spectacular I have yet to experience. With the wind whistling down the runway at a cool 40-45 kts, we LEVITATED into the air like a space elevator or something, after what I swear was only a 20 second roll until airborne, power reduced 15 seconds after that! It was quite an experience.

Luckily, I got video! The vid is a bit shakey – I’m not the best – but it really was that bouncy with all the wind. Perhaps it doesn’t do it justice and it was one of those “you had to be there” moments. Anyways, here it is…

Video: Icelandair 757 takeoff from a windy KEF (BIKF)





Let’s go to the mall…today

Robin Sparkles would be so proud of us.

Yesterday we walked around and went to…the mall!  Best way to people-watch the locals and look at all the different stores, etc.  Today is museum day, and then tomorrow is Blue Lagoon in the morning and then we depart lovely Iceland…

Also, most of you know I’m a complete airplane and airport nerd.  So of course I had to blog about that via a trip report over at…