Wiedmeiers on Mars

So years ago I was reading articles about Mars and stumbled upon an article stating that the Planetary Society was producing a DVD full of Earth sounds, pictures, blah, blah, for an upcoming Mars mission. It also asked if you wanted to submit your name to be etched onto the DVD. So ever the geek I did, and added Mom, Dad and Grama for good measure.

Well, guess WHAT?! Tonight the Mars Phoenix lander…landed!

I watched it live and I had forgotten all about the name-on-DVD thing until I stumbled upon the old link in a news story. Yep, sure enough I had the certificates stored on my computer and viola!

Wiedmeiers on Mars.

CatPostCam Post Mortem, already

So it was working great and then I had to use the camera for something else — go figure. I never use it in 3 years and then I have 2 needs for it at the same time.

Hopefully it will be back in a week.


Introducing the latest nerdy thing — CatPostCam! I know — very old school these days. But bound to be entertaining for me when I’m at work and want a break or want to waste some time. And hey, if it makes me smile that’s all that counts on this here blog!! 🙂

You can see it over yonder –> in the sidebar.