[waaah, waaah] This rain is abnormal [Waaaah, waaah]

STOP it. You are wrong. It is always like this.

The Seattle area gets a nice little sunny streak in early May, which make all the ex-pats go bananas that summer is here. Then it shuts down again with the last part of May and most of June being pretty cool with spats of rain all the time.

“Oh, this is so abnormal”

“Oh, this isn’t like other years”

Bull$hit. It is ALWAYS like this in Seattle spring. I’m tired of hearing about it — I thought I had posted about this previously on my blog to proove my point, but I’m making record now.

I need to remind everyone that summer around here does not start until exactly July 5th.

Oh, and more rain is in the forecast!! Hahahahahahahaha.


Garrett is 38
Only 2 years to the next decade and 4 years to the answer to the ultimate question of life and the universe.

My real day was May 7.

Birthday via Tacoma!

Birthday via Tacoma!

Had a nice day at the Washington State Museum and the Tacoma Glass
Museum and just general farting around Tacoma. We returned to the
Hotel Murano to have dinner…and let me tell you. Wow. Had this
incredible, indelible filet of beef topped with gorgonzola with prune
gastric and mashed potatos and spinach…unbelievable! Highly