More pink than a Strawberry Shortcake costume competition at a tranny bar…

Safeway assaulted me today. I go in to get my weekly groceries and WHAM! Pink, pink, pink, pink. Pink roses. Pink balloons. Pink banners. I mean, it was 20-feet thick as you waded your way through it at the entrance to the store. It was PINK.

Oh, that’s right, it’s VD .

No, I’m not bitter, or especially so. But with my BS meter set so high these days I was bound to find this utter explosion of forced joy very disturbing and ridiculous. What a waste of time. So this is the only day you can celebrate with the love of your life?

Seems to me a better love is one that lasts all year long and stays steady and becomes your “rock.” VD in my opinion is just an excuse to waste money and feel better about yourself for actually remembering the day.

So I’m not actually bitter on love. Jaded on what people think it “should be”, perhaps.