Waiting for a more modern day server project of mine to do it’s thing, I decided to play around with Virtual PC and see how old I could go back in PC time. Of course there is always DOS, but that installs fairly easily — although it took me a minute to figure out how to make MSCDEX to work in autoexec.bat & config.sys again!

I’ve previously run a Commodore 64 emulator, and that was nice, but without the software it wasn’t particularly interesting (Anyone remember GEOS?!)

No, the real fun was re-visiting those tried-and-true Windows versions I remember from College. So I whipped out my old CD drawer and what did I find

I know a spy

I have a secret…I know a spy! Really. Okay, maybe not true “Cloak and Dagger” type stuff, but in an industrial way. I bump into Boeing’s “analyst” for Airbus all the time at my local watering hole. We talk aerospace and aviation shop talk. It’s like my dream come true.

We’re enjoying drinks right now…

Shhhh…mums the word. I have no other evidence to support my claim. But then again, if I told you more I’d have to kill you… 😉

Link: July 18, 2009!

Well, it’s finally here! Seattle has come out of the transportation Stone Age and we shall have a light rail system.


Huge online dust-up

So my online hobby (virtual air traffic controlling — see www.seaartcc.net) just today had major kerfluffle…basically the entire staff of my center quit and accusations are flying everywhere. It’s quite fun drama to be an observer after being on the staff previously. It’s one of the most beaurocratic orgs I’ve worked with. Well, I guess our goal is to emulate air traffic control as in the FAA. In this regard I think we have it nailed 🙂

Ugly vacant lot

Ugly vacant lot

My work view of the moment (and I was testing the upload capability on my phone — it works!)