Merry Christmas Eve!

So I’m stuck in Seattle on a hill this Christmas (no thanks to the City of Seattle — see below). The parents and I have decided Christmas can be this Saturday after the thaw.

So that left me with preparing Christmas Eve dinner for myself. So I conjured up a classic casserole from my childhood — a sort of suburban faux Shepard’s pie. It’s class all the way — so incredibly yummy!!

Here’s the step-by-step!

Christmas greetings!

I sent out my Christmas greetings today, and if you stumble upon this page please accept my holiday wishes!


Wishing you a happy holiday season. I remain very busy with work, in a generally good way, trying to find time for my other geeky online hobbies to keep from going totally bonkers. Still at Herrera Environmental Consultants in Seattle doing network admin, database and ColdFusion scripting. Enjoying the fall and winter seasons with nice cool temps and rain. Looking forward to planning my usual vacation time in March, but still deciding on where I should go exactly (kinda hard to beat Paris this year…) My cats Sam & Fred still think they own my condo.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!