What a ride…

What a ride…

Going to the Portland office. Only 25 people on my Horizon CRJ-700 –
one of the last they have. Anyways the takeoff was awesome…we
rotated just prior to the 3000 foot marker, were a couple hundred feet
in the air by the N satellite and flaps retracted and power reduced as
we crossed the south field boundary… What a rush!

My aviation friends will certainly understand and appreciate! 🙂

Northwest’s preeminent meteorologist agrees with me…June sucks.

Cliff Mass is on my side!!

Per my post last week (2 down below “[waaah, waaah] This rain is abnormal [Waaaah, waaah]”) One of the Northwest’s preeminent meteorologists, The UW’s Cliff Mass, agrees with my rant! OK, he doesn’t explicitly point me out or anything, but here is an expert on weather totally backing me up on what I’ve been saying forever. Outstanding.

Here’s his post:

The First Day of Summer: When Will It Be?

In fact, he’s more conservative than me in his findings — he says July 12 instead of my July 5th.

I love it when this happens — now I have an actual article by an expert to refer to when people complain (Which happens nearly every day! I swear….)

BTW, I *love* Cliff’s blog. I’m a total weather junkie.