You know you need an alignment when…

I was cleaning out my photo files and came across this recent one. Earlier this year I had a small fender bender just as I was turning into the ally to get to my garage at my old house. You know what they say about most accidents happening within x miles of home? Well this was about 100 feet from home (sigh). Anyways, not much visible damage other than the obvious alignment difficulties the “mating” introduced. Would you believe that the final bill to fix this was over $2000??! My poor car has seen a number of misfortunes. Well, at least it’s paid for!

Holy cow — I got comments!

So after tweaking this website blog a bit I noticed I had comments for some of my posts! Oh shit — people ARE reading this crap. That’s funny! 🙂 Sorry if I seemed to ignore you — I had the “moderated” type as all the bots out on the internet try to post stuff automatically and it’s all garbage. Didn’t realize this stuff was there!

Will check and see if I can get email notification when posts are made, though!!

[update 11/9/2006: with the new blog software, all the old comments went away ;( ]

Seafair 2006!

Ahhh, Seafair!!

My friend Daniel from the Fly-In invited me to go out on his boat during the annual Seafair extravaganza in Seattle. We had a great time watching the Blue Angels. After the Blues we picked-up Claire and had great fun swimming, went to eat, and then watched the fireworks show that was new this year.

Even better was that I’m so close to the water, I just took a cab to the dock and walked back home (or at least that was the plan…it was so later after we got back that after dropping Claire off in Ballard I got off with her to save the boat a stop — she gave me a ride home. But I could have done it!)

Here is the photo gallery

Vid: Here come the Blues!

Vid: High Delta break

Vid: Last pass –love the boat horns!

Vid: Fireworks, with bonus conversation about matching socks