Start me up!

Start me up!

So we were moving some furniture at work and viola – mystery laptop appears!

So I took it back to my office to see what it was….holy smokes! This
thing had Windows 98 on it. It must have been sitting down there all dusty
and lonely for a decade or more.

But it still works! Curiously, the laptop doesn’t seem all that slow –
just goes to show you that for as much as hardware gets more powerful there
shall be bloated software and operating systems to fill the void ūüôā

Thanksgiving after party

Thanksgiving after party

We had a truly great thanksgiving afternoon surrounded by parents,
family, friends and food. My Mom and Dad came down to Seattle this
year…yes the Wiedmeier’s came south of the ship canal! It was
fabulous. Good food at Broadway Grill and no dishes to wash.

But now it’s after dark and we decided to hit the streets and hang out
at an open bar…it’s very friendly but a bit dark and sultry… And
completely awesome.

Happy Thanksgiving!

My mentor, the mayor

After high school and growing-up into college I had a lot of fine opportunities to meet a lot of fine folks.  One of them was Barb Tolbert.  She became my mentor in that she taught me a lot about my profession of the time (public relations and marketing) and, like all great mentors, bestowed upon me her wisdom of many general life lessons that I still use to this day.  She encouraged me, and sat me right-down on my butt when needed.  She is one of my cherished friends, even as time and life have escaped us.  I admire her, and I know she is great.

It did not surprise me when I learned a few months ago that she was running for mayor Рhow cool!  And she did it!  Barb Tolbert is the Mayor-elect of Arlington, WA.  I am so proud of her and the community she continues to build, encourage and foster.

Barb Рyou are one of my personal heros.  I just know that you will continue to do great things and that your constituents are very lucky to have somebody as impassioned as you are to lead them.

Congratulations! ¬†You’re a rock star!