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Natalie and I are once again joined in our relentless pursuit of all things beer & kitsch related.

Firefox is now my primary browser

Firefox 3

As a geek-in-residence, I have about 5 different web browsers that I banter back and forth in my web surfing. Each one of them had advantages and weak spots.

So the Mozilla people released Firefox 3.0 with much fanfare this week, so of course I upgraded. I have used earlier versions and thought it was a competent browser, but wasn’t my favorite. Well, I got to give kudos — FF3, at least to me, seems so much more polished, faster and “ready”

The killer deal for me was a select set of “addons” that you can install within Firefox. These addons have become so important and complete that it’s almost like another operating system. I can do most things Internet-related within my web browser session. I use:

  • Ad Blocker Plus
  • All-in-one sidebar
  • Sage-Too for RSS feeds
  • Webmail notifier
  • Download Statusbar
  • IE Tab

IE Tab is what makes Firefox my primary browser now. Some of their sites just won’t work without it. IE Tab allows you to open a new tab/window within FF using the IE rendering engine so that all that stuff works. As a bonus you can write rules that look at URLs you click and open all such certain web addresses using IE Tab automatically. So now when I visit anything with “” in it, IE Tab takes over and the web pages work. Everything else Firefox handles. Nice!

Anyways, I encourage you all to give FF3 a try.

Life’s a beach!

So enjoying a weekend away at the beach. Even if it is a little cool, it hasn’t rained much although the wind has been fierce. I got a great little condo unit right on the beach in Moclips, which is around 20 miles north of Ocean Shores. Other than an excursion to Ocean Shores itself, I’ve seen maybe 10 people. The beach is wide-open. Me likey!

Also got to take a ride in the parent’s motorhome, as they came along as well — stayed in Pacific Beach down the road. Was fun, until my Dad won at mini-golf. My mother and I are still debating his alleged 10-point win

Here’s the photo album