Merry Christmas to us!!

Merry Christmas to us!!

I’m not normally such a brand name queen, but people rave about their
Le Creuset cookware. It’s damn pricey though.

But what should magically appear in the clearance rack at City
Kitchens?! Behold! For the enamel not taking hold to one of the
handles we got “Grand Pierre” for 50% off!!

Now, what to cook in him first??! So many things….

“Lefse” overheard at bar

So I finished work today and was waiting for Christopher to meet me at our local bar for some drinks….but what should be overheard in the cacophony of conversations?!

“I love Lefse”

Wow! So I searched for the obviously scandinavian-oriented culprit. Turns out it was this pair of ladies who would not give me the time of day when I tried to express my exuberance for said lefse as well.

Well excuse me…just trying to be holiday friendly…


Merry Christmas!!!! 🙂