Toronto Photos

So I’m home, and I’m slowly going through photos and writing a trip report. Most of the photos for Toronto are from the CN tower as it was a gorgeous day and any other photos look like any other city. I guess that is the noted curse of Toronto if the city has one — it can stand-in for any big city. And it often does in film. But what “general” city-ness it may have it makes-up for in general appeal. Toronto is a really nice city!

Anyways, more writings later, but Here’s the gallery

The CN Tower blows…

Or, puffs actually. This was funny — While visiting the CN Tower in Toronto they have those new security devices that are supposed to detect explosives. It puffs air from your feet to your head and then, I guess, is supposed to sniff for the chemical traces of a bomb.

It was pretty funny — most people were amused more than anything, I think the group think while standing in line was “yeah, right, this really works…” 🙂

And the air that blew out at you stank — as you’ll see by the reactions in this video of the sniffer in action!

What will they think of next…

On my way home — early!

OK, this stinks. So Toronto was *great* — more on it later. I am now coming home early. Air Canada was late out of Toronto because, of all things, a panel in the loo would not latch. Took them an hour to “tape it up”! So that left me precious little time in Boston to connect to my Cape Air flight to Provincetown.

So it was a race…and I lost. It seems Air Canada changed places for it’s arrivals in Boston and is now on the other side of the airport from Cape Air (because, of cousre, I researched this with zeal while planning this adventure and found both airlines used to be in the same terminal — they changed just this month!!).

So I wheeze my way up to the Cape Air ticket counter — and find out the next they could get me out was tomorrow. Guess they are unusually heavily booked. The offered to pay may way via bus (which is more than I expected, but no thanks) and seemed nice, but no-go until tomorrow. So with my time in Provincetown only 2 days anyways– what’s the point? I called American, got a seat on the next flight, so now I’m a a big, hot mess from marching all over the place, at a bar in BOS writing to the 2-3 visitors I get every day (Hi Mom, Hi Dad! 🙂

Sigh. I was really looking forward to Ptown — it seemed really cool and relaxing. I guess it’s all good — I get a couple days at home to chill out with the boys — I’m sure they’ll love that!

Anyways, more about Toronto soon — perhaps in the next few hours as I wait for my new flights. Toronto — wow — it’s one of those cities I must go back to.

Boston, Day 2

Walked all around again, concentrating on the South side this time. Cute, cute buildings and neighborhoods steeped in history. I’m sure someone will call me on this and say they have been all reconstructed, or somethig like that. So what. The character remains.

Seee the pics here!

I did arrive in Toronto this evening. Already have lots to say, but I am tired! Off to bed and then a jump-start for the morning!

OK. It’s cold.

OK, I admit. It’s cold. Rarely do you hear me say that, so soak it in, people! 🙂

First day in Boston — walked all around Boston Commons, then through some of downtown, Fanueuil Hall, the North End and back. I was basically a popsicle after this. So I’m back at the hotel with warm cocoa and taking hot shower. Ahh.

Here’s the photos so far!

Then it started to get windy and whoa! So I recorded a “Note to self” about traveling in Winter. Maybe sweating and perspiration in a hot climate is not so bad every once and a while.

Watch my confession (Warning: I’m a potty-mouth)

Welcome to Boston, care for some crack?

Greetings fellow life travellers — I have arrived in Boston. Flights were pretty good — Chicago to Boston was delayed, so I got in late. So I will hit the streets running tomorrow.

Obviously I had to venture out to get dinner once I checked in. I just settled on the local Rock Bottom. I know — unimaginative — but close to my hotel. My hotel is in the Theatre district of Boston — Anyways so I’m walking back from dinner (only about 3 blocks) and get asked for money. OK big deal. But this guy decides to tag along for the walk. He keeps yammering on and on. This guy was just wacked out — you know the ones — how you know they’re probably harmless and just on something… So I found this rather amusing. There were lots of other people around, 2 more blocks to the hotel — big deal. However, then he asks “So are you gay or straight?” I say “Sorry, not looking” — then he’s like “not that I care. I go both ways. Mr Big takes it up the @$$ and Mr Tiny loves the ladies” “Oh” I said, “OK, thanks!” Then he asks “So, you want an airplane ticket to the moon?!” I Asked “What airline?” He said “Crack pot airlines” and then laughed so hard I thought he was gonna just die right on the street there. I said “Nope, sorry” and he was actually surprisingly cordial and said “no problem” and by that time I was at my hotel.

So if you are looking for a crack-smoking bi-curious homeless Bostontonian I may have your man…

You just can’t make this shit up sometimes… 🙂