A terabyte at gigabit speeds

OK, everyone and Heaven knows I’m a total dweeb. So I just got moved into my new condo (and all unpacked to boot!) and reviewed costs, finances…basically saw where the hell I was financially. Outlook was good, so I indulged and upgraded the home network. Bought a gigabit switch (nothing too terribly hip these days, but very nice) and also bought some new hard drives for my home server. I now have over a terabyte of storage, which is a moderately cool thing! I transferred a bunch of stuff from my PC to the server and…shaZAM! Wow. It copied to the server in like 5 minutes — about 200 gigs of stuff.

Me likey!

Oh, also bought some clothes for spring/summer. There are some articles of clothing I needed to retire. So I’m not a total technology hermit.