Cat fights and uninvited guests

This morning I’m slowly wakin’ up, sippin’ my coffee. Nice Saturday morning — not much scheduled.

So nature calls for me to take my regular-like-an-alarm-clock morning ritual. I go to the bathroom, swing the door shut and hear it not latch totally — big deal, it’s just me. I sit down on my throne and prepare to do battle. I make note to buy more TP as I’m nearly at emergency levels — I’m down to the last roll. I hear the door creak open. In comes Mr. Samuel. Not that this is odd, he visits me many times in the morning ritual usually and promptly leaves. However what he does this morning is pretty damn funny. He directly, without hesitation, goes and smashes himself into the basket I use to store extra toliet paper (gotta have backup ready, you know) sits up all pretty, and just stares at me, looking so proud of his accomplishment. I get the giggles, and I go into “toot-toot-toot” mode on the can. Which leads to more laughter and I can’t stop and my gut hurts so bad. Maybe it’s just me, I thought this was so funny! Sam sat there so proud and beaming, like this was his major accomplishment for the day.

Anyways, he sat there long enough for me to finish, get the camera, and take a shot.

Then while I’m composing this blog entry, apparently Sam was not satisfied with the ridicule, er, attention I gave him in the bathroom. So he decides to pick a fight with Fred. Again, my cats are just something. I feel kinda bad as they are getting used to such a smaller space compared to the house. It was still funny, though.

Watch video of cat fight in my messy apartment!