Chocolate “no bake” cookies! Okay, I know, they kinda look like turds
laying there…. But trust…


Dead and dead

1. Farah Fawcett.

2. Michael Jackson.


So I’m not gonna say much other than damn, what a crap day this turned out to be…

1. Iconic:

What man did not have this poster or image somewhere, straight or gay!?

Farah Fawcett

2. THE Pop Star:

Really…the 80’s just died. (vid has music only, but I think one of my faves ever)

I know who is gonna comment — fire away! 😉 (slight inside joke)

Toilet Transplant

Why I’m writing about this I’m not entirely sure, other than it’s really the little “wins” that are quite satisfying.

My main think tank was on the fritz. It was getting super bad — The water would keep running after the flush. bad bad. Couldn’t stop it, no matter how much handle jiggling. This is a major trauma for the household. Our master eliminator is just not working right.

So I donned gloves and went in for some exploratory surgery. Come to find out it was the rubber thingy at the bottom that opens and closes when you use the handle and normally closes the tank to let it fill after a flush — It about disintegrated when I took it off of the whatzit.

So I went to the other can in the bedroom, which I never use, turned off the water, extracted it’s rubber thingy, which was still in good shape, and transplanted said thingy to the main, yet now lobotomized crapper.


I can now poop in peace.