Happy New Year — Live!

OK, so since I have a view of the Space Needle I decided to stream it live for the Seattle New Year’s festivities. The thing explodes into fireworks at midnight — it’s pretty cool.

Below is the link — I’ll archive it as well so you can watch it later if you so choose.

Note: There is a delay of about a minute, so don’t use this as your actual keeper of time for the New Year. If you’re a local — watch the TV. I’m just doing this because I’m a big dweeb and wanted to try out some server software. And plus the coolness factor is there, slightly.

Click here to watch New Year’s at the Space Needle!

Requires Windows Media Player – will be on around 10 p.m. PST. I have the camera on fish-eye zoom so that hopefully all the fireworks will be in view. My actual view is much closer — quite nice.

Happy New Year!!!

A New Vision for ColdFusion

ColdFusion master Hal Helms wrote an excellent article on the future directions of ColdFusion:

A New Vision for ColdFusion

I could not agree with him more. Very rich article full of thought. I usually disagree with Hal as he’s usually so deeply technical it’s almost obscene. Not in this. Spot on, Hal!

ColdFusion programmers: read it now.

Adobe: Do it now!

And for you non-technically-aspirated the article offers some general marketing gems as well — still might be interesting.