Yay for me!

Just planned my March 2006 vacation. Germany, here I come! Will be visiting Berlin and Munich.

Below is my routing — of course, it’s only one that I could love:

New York, New York!

In New York, New York for the first time!! Not transferring planes. Not attending an all-day meeting. Actually visiting and spending some time. Here’s the pics, in random order, of my hotel room, Uptown, Brooklyn Bridge, Pride 2005, Times Square, etc… I have no idea why the time is so off! Here are the pictures

Montreal Photos

Had a fabulous time in Montreal. The weather was cold and snowing — just what I wanted! The hotel was fabulous.

I forgot my camera, so I had to use my cell phone — not bad for nothing! Here are the pictures

Gee, look what I found!

So I was finally getting around to dealing with some old hardware at work. So here I was gutting and parting-out our old file server, and as I cleared the SCSI cables and hard drive shelves, but what did appear — a pair of snips! Yes, those are scissors inside our old server, that had been laying in there since we received it 4 years ago. Reminds me of those stories where doctors leave saws in people after surgery.

This server was always a bitch to me — perhaps we now know why….

I’m Famous!

“How voters are stupid,” by Garrett Wiedmeier

This is quite simply some of my finest work.

So I’m leaving work just before the Thanksgiving weekend on Wednesday and walking through Westlake Park I get tagged by this reporter from KING-5. The plucky little lady asks (paraphrasing here) “Rossi just won the recount for governor by only 42 votes, and thousands of votes were disqualified for some reason — how do you feel about that?”

Now, my patience has grown rapidly as I’ve gotten older and a bit wiser. However, there are still issues that cause the good ole persona to leap forward. So, I thought, what the hell… Generally I think people are stupid. Let’s go with that.

Needless to say the reporter lapped it up like a starving dog. I made the 5 o-clock news.

Here’s a video stream to view it yourself. It’s in Windows media format, and for those of you with broadband (modem users quit whining and get a real connection…)