Seafair 2006!

Ahhh, Seafair!!

My friend Daniel from the Fly-In invited me to go out on his boat during the annual Seafair extravaganza in Seattle. We had a great time watching the Blue Angels. After the Blues we picked-up Claire and had great fun swimming, went to eat, and then watched the fireworks show that was new this year.

Even better was that I’m so close to the water, I just took a cab to the dock and walked back home (or at least that was the plan…it was so later after we got back that after dropping Claire off in Ballard I got off with her to save the boat a stop — she gave me a ride home. But I could have done it!)

Here is the photo gallery

Vid: Here come the Blues!

Vid: High Delta break

Vid: Last pass –love the boat horns!

Vid: Fireworks, with bonus conversation about matching socks

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