Airshows, noise and fries with gravy…

Today I went to the McChord AFB Airshow with my friends April and Steve — was a complete blast and the weather was perfect. I got my airshow need taken care of for the year. It was great.

I took mostly videos instead of photos. Here’s some of the best. The first two are experimenting with larger sized videos

An F/A-18 rips by at mach 0.99:

Watch video

Thunderbirds solo cross:

Watch video

B2 stealth:

Watch video

Thunderbirds loop:

Watch video

After waiting 2 hours to get out of the Parking lot, April MADE us stop at Ikea (where I left my car and carpooled with them) and eat meatballs, fries and gravy — with the gravy over the fries…Hmmmm. Must be a Canadian thing… 🙂

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