Deep Damn.Thoughts: Company Communication

Deep Damn Dot Thoughts…

Going to try something new.  Every so often I come across a quote or a passage in a text that I wish I had said.  You know the ones — when you read it you immediately understand with and become tuned to the author tightly.

So now I will post quick missives when I find these.  Perhaps, dear blog readers,  it will be entertaining to you and you’ll also find that you agree with them as well.  But to be frank, it’s all about me.  Me me me me me!   I want to start categorizing these things, so I’ll do so via the blog.

ANYWAYS, enough explanation chaff, on to the first one!…

Courtesy of Aviatrix at her blog Cockpit Conversation:

“…My chief pilot is awesome at keeping us up to date. Some companies think it looks them look more professional or in control if they don’t tell you anything until it’s certain. It makes pilots nervous about what kind of Machiavellian plotting is going on, and doesn’t really fool them into thinking their company controls the weather.”

Garrett’s thoughts: I SO agree!  If something changes and the original idea or information is bad then that’s they way the ball rolls.  I don’t blame you.  But I do get VERY upset when kept in the dark — it does not allow me to readily adapt how I think from day-to-day or allow me to think in terms of options that could be done.   The weather is never “certain” like a business process.  And, in my experience,  “Business processes” aren’t really tuned-in to businesses and at all certain that often either.  So what gives with all that secrecy?

So, information hoarders:  STOP IT.  Soon you will have your own reality show on A&E and will will point at you and make fun of you.

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